Robber In Denial Is Still Robbing During His Arrest

Description: I can only guess that the joy of being back here has released too many hormones I just loved the last four uploads from j4p4n and it came to me just like that to integrate them Dear j4p4n I know that you care about people and about including many audiences so please do not be offended this is just humour on this special style of icons which I love since some Olypmic games in my childhood First I only wanted to give the blind guy some crutches because of a shorter leg but then there came two more And the rest is history The complete caption now reads like this Blind and amputated bad guy from previous bad encounters he had provoked himself no less with a grumpy and blind and amputated guidedog is being taken to prison by a mostly healthy black police officer and even already having had his rights read to him can be used against you he is still robbin just one more victim because the officers gun was just so conveniently available Yes I know this is bad humour but handicapped people are also humans and why should they get all the good press while healthy people should be cast for all the evil roles eh I am so colour blind in either way have been on crutches for parts of my life too Luckily if you do not like it you can always remix again

Date: 2017-05-21

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Robber In Denial Is Still Robbing During His Arrest sourced from Openclipart is licensed under CC0 1.0

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