Siu Bu

Description: Siu Bu l sinh vt nhn to c thit k v sn xut trong nh my khng c ph huynh ng y l v kh gip quc xm lng cc thi dng h Siu Bu c c nhiu sc c th sng trong khng lu di bn nng lng ra tay Sau mt thi gian chiu u n bt u thy cng vic xm lng ph hoi v ch v ngha v rt chn nn Siu bu ngh to sao phi hi sinh vt khng hn th hay ght khng quy ph gng y b nhim v v kim mt hnh tinh xa lp i sng mi v thot chin trng Siu bu kim c mt hnh tinh lnh lo bn bc v nam y tuyt v t c sinh sng hnh tinh Siu Bu pht hin hai tr m ci v Siu Bu lm ph huynh nui Nhng chin tranh vn di theo Su BuTi thit k nhn vt ny nm 200902 cho cuc thi u ca qun n MK Thi Quc thitk nhn vt rau c qa nhng khng thm gia cuc thi Phin bn ny v xong 20180420 0742

By: Unknown

Date: 2018-04-20

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Tags: Creature Ghost ngoi hnh tinh Nhn Vt NonHuman Beings Snow tuyt


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