Running Behind

Just a quick update to mention that things are running a little behind getting API updates uploaded. The PATCH/PUT API routes are now available but I got sidetracked over the break with family and have not been able to complete the POST API route. I hope to get to it soon. Will post more once I have added the new route.

BTW: Yes I did see the latest from Openclipart, and their advancements in getting the site back up and running. I have many questions but doubt I will ever get answers, they do not seem to be very forthcoming with answers about anything and just seem to expect blind trust. It would be nice and go a long way in my opinion if they released the data on the clipart (tags, dates, etc) since that is copyrighted by them and not covered under the CC0. But I am not a lawyer so if someone knows more than me please inform me.

More to come!

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