Upload API and Theme Change

It took a little longer than I hoped to get the upload API working, but I uploaded it a few days ago after testing it for several weeks on my home server. With the addition of the upload API FreeSVGClipart now has a complete functioning API for uploads, updates and search. If you are a developer with an app that relied on the Openclipart API you should be able to make a few changes and insert our API into your workflow. To get started with the upload API you will need to register to get an API key.

In other news I have switched the theme here on the site. The beauty of using ClassicPress is the ability to use many of the WordPress themes that are available. Since Openclipart likes to call us a “clone” of them, I thought it would be fun to use a WordPress theme based on Bootstrap, the same base that Openclipart has now started using. If we are going to be called a “clone” might as well go all in don’t you think?

As an added bonus the WP Bootstrap Starter theme offers several colour themes for their Bootstrap based them. A little bit of extra coding and registered users on FreeSVGClipart can select their favourite colour theme. So if you want to make FreeSVGClipart more your own feel free to select a new colour theme so when you are logged in. Update: This option has been removed to help and improve load times across the site.

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