Openclipart Loves Inkscape 0924

Description: Openclipart loves Inkscape Openclipart uses Inkscape to generate the PNG and other files We need more connection to the Inkscape project It is a common question How do I edit SVG or create clipart The best most compatible way is to use Inkscape The latest version of Inkscape 0924 is available for you to use Please note in the modern era using Inkscape is not as simple as downloading apps on your phone or tablet Inkscape is a tool for advanced users httpsinkscapeorgreleaseinkscape0924 Feedback is welcome here in the comments and I am sure that Openclipart Librarians will help facilitate and point you in the right direction for Inkscape fun Thanks to LazurURH for the news item Moving forward please do let the openclipart account know when you have news items for consideration

By: openclipart

Date: 2019-04-14


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