Websites cost money to run and this one is no exception. If you appreciate this resource and would like to see it continue your help is appreciated. Simply click the buy me a coffee button to help support the cost of running the site.

Buy me a coffee

Here is a breakdown of the hosting costs if you are wondering what this site takes to run. Currently it is hosted on DigitalOcean running a 8GB droplet. It is probably a little under powered but until we start to see huge amounts of traffic it seems quick enough. In front of the server is a Cloudflare Pro account.

Cost breakdown:

Month Hosting Donations Profit/Loss
Nov 2019 $60.00 $0 -$60.00
Dec 2019 $60.00 $0 -$60.00
Jan 2020 $60.00 $63.00 $3.00
Feb 2020 $60.00 $0 -$60.00
Mar 2020 $60.00 $0 -$60.00
Apr 2020 $60.00 $10.00 -$50.00
May 2020 $60.00 $15.00 -$45.00
June 2020 $60.00 $0 -$60.00
July 2020 $60.00 $0 -$60.00

* Note: these numbers are gross costs and do not include taxes and/or fees.

Oh, and I promise if the site closes I won’t just stick up a landing page begging for donations to bring it back.